Why Buckwheat?

We wanted a snack that could do better. Better in flavor and crunch. Better for you. And, perhaps most importantly, better for the planet.


We found the answer in buckwheat—which despite having ‘wheat’ in its name, isn’t a grain at all, but a fruit seed. (It’s actually related to rhubarb, botanically speaking!)

Commonly referred to as a pseudocereal, buckwheat’s grain-like seeds are milled similarly to popular cereal grains, like wheat and rye, and yet, it’s naturally gluten-free.

Guilt Free Snacking

When baked into snack form, it provides a solid snap and holds a depth of flavor. Better still, it’s nutritionally dense, allergen-friendly, and non-GMO. Plus, it’s grown locally (here in Maine!), earth-friendly, and sustainably sourced.

Buckwheat is basically the rockstar of the whole-grain world. We’re unapologetically its biggest fans and we want to share that love with our better-for-you snacks. Get yourself backstage and dig in to a bag of our feel-good puffs—it’s VIP access to happy, healthy snacking.

A Sustainable Future

Our love of buckwheat became an all-out obsession—and sealed the tasty fate of Diggables— once we discovered its incredible positive environmental impact. Known for its speedy growth, dense canopy, and versatility, Buckwheat is becoming a star of regenerative agriculture due to its ability to help reduce erosion, build soil carbon (to help fight climate change!), and provide food for pollinators.