Meet our Founder, Toby

My path to snacking has been a combination of serendipity and what I see as a real opportunity for all of us to have a positive impact in a fun and tasty way.

I have always had a passion for developing climate-friendly solutions to products we use (or eat!) every day. I earned a PhD in biogeochemistry from Stanford University and have worked with programs both national in scope and here in Maine to improve biobased materials and bioenergy.

The Buckwheat Epiphany

I ran into buckwheat during a project to upcycle spent grains from breweries. Buckwheat made everything taste better, more nutritious, and the crop had lots of on-farm benefits here in Maine. We had stumbled on a climate-conscious and deliciously guilt-free snack that didn’t sacrifice flavor for nutrition.

It turns out that I wasn’t the first to have this buckwheat epiphany. It used to be a staple in New England pantries a century and a half ago, but became a forgotten seed when fertilizers led to higher yields of other crops. Buckwheat was the go-to crop when trying to get a tasty, healthy harvest while building soil health. Sounds familiar!

Snack of the Future

Sustainable snacking is new to me, but I have had the pleasure of working with lots of passionate, mission-driven food and beverage businesses, and their advice to me was simple: You have to do this.

Fast-forward to today and my kids have tasted more flavors of puffs than they ever thought possible. We are finally ready to share our favorites with you.

We think we’ve found a perfectly puffed snack that tastes great, has a satisfying crunch, features a star of regenerative agriculture, and can be sourced from family farms in Maine. Pretty cool.

We hope you like them.

Do yourself—and the planet—a favor and dig into Diggables!

-Toby Ahrens

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